8 -whitCup sugarTeaspoon vanillaTablespoon baking powderAnd a half cup flourFruit tray problem2 -buget whipping cream powder


 1-fail eggs for a quarter of an hour alone.2. Keep the sugar and then the flour and baking powder.3-brush the cake mold with butter and put the cake mixture and then we put an oven temperature of 180 o (350 F) for half an hour or an hour by one-third of the oven temperature.4-we leave after finishing the cake cool well and be gracious according to the way we attended on the envelope stones.5-cake when cooled well divide the cake in the middle and either floor or two.Section 6-bottom water we drink and fruit Ndhnh cream and put fruit on top of stones and put the top section on the bottom section and brush the top section of the cake with cream and then decorate them cut cherry or strawberry on demand


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